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About EXCITE Marketing

EXCITE marketing want to play the Vital role in marketing of Energy, Safety and Security related products which are very important and essential to individual. We focus more at commercial segments and Industries with a vision to Improve Green and bring safety and security awareness on people who are working in industries / offices/ on fields  and who are staying at houses Excite is providing the marketing services in 2 categories i.e 3rd   party marketing consultants and Dealers / distributors

Marketing consultants

We are marketing the products/ equipment’s  of our clients by doing marketing services for  precious, Technical related and challenging ITEMS. Our marketing products are

Diesel generators
Solar panels
Health equipment’s
Insurance & Loans

Dealers / Distributors

we are the dealers for below products

Safety equipment’s
Security systems
UPVC  doors & windows
LED bulbs, tube lights & solar fans

EXCITE Marketing Promotions

Gatway of our marketing promotions are Customer acquisition , Customer retention, Profession employees, Training to employees , Knowledge, Culture, Economy, StrategyTechnology, developing the leader ship, Advertisement, Challenge, Targets, Quality, Communication, Tactics, Good Relation, Achieve and maintain outstanding customer service and Online and social network marketing.

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