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About EXCITE Management consultant

In today’s times lot of industries are facing the problems at both Internal and External. 
Excite solutions services are now combined to help enable a 300° to  360° view of challenges faced by our clients. Our vision is to help our client to achieve the Targets/ Vision, Complete the Projects successfully/ Doing Effective maintenance and Business Development with their customer satisfaction.

EXCITE Management services

We are providing end to end Management services by accepting the Business in terms of Project management and Maintenance management.
Project management services will be based on scope given by client and Maintenance management services will be based on Scope and contract given by client. 
Our services will involve us in Clients Business development &  Analysis , Human resources,  Process, COC, Norms, Principles, Quality, Culture, Profit & Loss, Purchase order &  Returns of investment,  Marketing & Advertisement, Accounts & Finance, Supply chain management, Project /Maintenance related, Surveillance and other by doing Screening, Tracking, Coordination & follow up, Updating, Managing , attending to Meetings , Reviews, Trainings at client office.


Excite Solutions is offering the management services at below 8 Fields / industries

Industrial management
Automobile  management
Telecom management
Education management
Hospital management
Infra-structure management
Marketing management
Event management
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